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Being a fitness freak I can conduct various styles of Yoga asanas/posture (fitness) sessions and workshops. However, the main focus remains on lifestyle, body alignment and rhythm of the breath as it gives better and quicker results to the client. Though, I have practiced Yoga asanas in childhood at school but at that point in time I was not familiar with meditation, that is to say, I got clarity on transcendence during the master degree course. To be precise, it gives insight about the mystical number 108 that can further be related to the concept of Four Yugas/ World Ages as mentioned in the ancient lore and can grossly be related to the concept of Earth Ascension/ Sustainable Meditation.

Being a silver medalist in martial arts at national level and obtaining several state championship medals makes me inclined towards exploring different sports and gives a good idea about human physiology and sports anatomy. Moreover, I have interest in exploring research work on archaeology, natural science, green development, comparative mythology, and evolution of language and other aspects of modern science which can in turn be related with Vedic science.

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